Welcome to Horror Paint! Please enjoy my horror paintings, prints, & more!

Hi, I'm Scibby, and I thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my site to view my work!

     My love for horror movies has inspired me to paint horror characters and themes on large canvas' using acrylic paint.  I then have the paintings professionally scanned on a state of the art, high resolution flat bed scanner.  The scans are color matched by the pros to ensure perfection, and printed onto ultra premium stock, for the best possible prints you could ever ask for!  

     I've found that the safest way to protect these beautiful prints during the shipping process is by mailing them in a relatively wide, heavy-duty mailing tube.  Unlike a poster, these prints will not be wound up tight, nor will they be stored in that position for a long length of time.  Each shipment is packed to order and promptly mailed, so unpacking, framing, or mounting will be a breeze!

     My horror art and more are listed for sale in several online stores, all linked below.  I make new paintings, products and other surprises regularly, so please follow me on instagram and snapchat for the latest information and products.  Be sure to keep an eye out for us at upcoming events, especially in Florida, because unlike Captain Spaulding, I don't mind getting up close and personal!  One more thing, don't forget to click on my gallery to get a closer look at my horror paintings!

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